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Plant Tech – Power Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.

Plant Tech – Power Technical Services Pvt. Ltd., a company registered in India was incorporated in the year 2011. Plant Tech – Power’s keen interest lies in providing specialized pipeline & mechanical maintenance services for the oil & gas sector & allied plants in India.

Plant Tech – Power has a service cum manufacturing unit based in New Mangalore, India. Services division include hot tapping, line stopple, cold cutting of gaseous & liquid hydrocarbon & chemical pipelines of sizes ½” to 48”, and other allied pipeline maintenance services. Manufacturing division is into manufacturing of fittings & accessories of various sizes related to our services and according to requirements from clients for the awarded projects.

In fact, Plant-Tech’s hot tapping history began in 1999 when Plant-Tech Industrial Services Limited provided its introductory Hot Tapping Service to Reliance Engineering Associates Pvt. Ltd., Jamnagar (A Reliance Group Company) by using Hot Tapping machine that was owned by Reliance itself, and now under the banner Plant Tech – Power we have ventured into this sector and have executed various jobs successfully.

Plant Tech – Power since April 2015 is a 100% subsidiary of the parent company M/s Plant-Tech Industrial Services Ltd. Today Plant Tech – Power has an experienced team consisting of engineers, supervisors, technicians, welders etc. and our technicians possess high level of skill in operating hot tapping, line stopple & cold cutting machines of various makes & sizes.


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