Catalyst Unloading/Loading Equipment

Double Chamber Cyclone Hopper

  • Double Chamber Cyclone Hopper is specially designed to vacuum out dry, hazardous and non-hazardous materials from the vessels, columns and reactors.
  • The unit maintains a continuous suction process whereby material is continuously fed and intermittently discharged.
  • It has pneumatic operated solenoids and the operation is automatic and timed.
  • The unit works on 230/110 V AC power supply.
  • The unit has telescopic legs, which enables to position the equipment in different heights.



Pneumatic Dust Collector

  • Pneumatic Dust Collector is a portable nitrogen/air driven unit basically used to vacuum dust particles so as to avoid the dust expulsion into atmosphere.
  • This unit has no moving mechanical parts in the vacuum section, thus having high safety factor.
  • It is compact and can be operated in space constraint area and area of high safety concern.
  • This unit has a filter chamber which uses vyon filter candle having high filtration capacity as filters.
  • The unit works on 7bar input air supply.


Multideck Sieving Machine

  • This multideck VIBRO-SCREEN SEPARATOR performs any size based solid material/particle separation with the use of wire mesh/screen.
  • Plant-tech has specially designed and modified the above unit to sieve various sizes of ceramic balls and un-regenerated / regenerated catalyst.
  • The design is based on the principle of systematic gyratory movements of the particles on the vibrating screen. This movement can be controlled depending on the characteristics of the materials to be screened, to achieve optimal separation.
  • It makes precise mechanical separations according to particle size through efficient use of multiplane inertial vibration technique.
  • The vibration causes smaller particles to drop through the screen, while larger oversize particles pass off the top of the screen.


Filter Unit

  • Filter unit is designed to collect dust materials during the vacuuming operation and controls dust from escaping into the environment. The filter cleaning is based on positive pressure regulation.
  • This fine bag filter unit is equipped with timer controlled pulse jet cleaning system and pneumatic vibrator.
  • Nitrogen at 7bar is supplied in order to give positive pressure to blow off dust from the bag filter in the filter unit. Each bag is connected to a separate solenoid valve and hence a high quality of filtration is achieved. The solenoid valve operates on the timer setting.
  • The dual filter unit can be used with a pneumatic valve controlled Y branch connection to maintain continuous filtering operation and these two filter units will be alternatively under operation.
  • This unit works on 230/110 V AC/50 Hz power supply.


Shifting Hopper

Shifting Hopper is used to shift materials from the place of storage/availability to the loading hopper. These hoppers have a top cover lid to protect the handled material from moisture and to keep the hopper dry inside. The material of construction is mild steel/carbon steel/stainless steel. Plant-Tech manufactures shifting hoppers with 1.5m3, 2m3 and 2.5m3 capacities.


Loading Hopper

The Loading Hopper is used to load materials in a controlled and uniform manner. It consists of a sliding valve to control flow rate of the material. The hopper is placed at the loading inlet with fastening provisions. The material of construction is mild steel/carbon steel/stainless steel. Plant-Tech manufactures loading hoppers with 0.5m3, 1.5m3 and 2m3 capacities.


Differential Pressure Measuring Instrument which gives the exact pressure difference in the reformer tubes.Dump nozzle, used to control the rate of free flow of the material during the off loading processRoller bench, used for faster dispersion of drums/containers with minimum manpower consumption.

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