Super Sucker Vacuum Truck

The Super Sucker Vacuum Truck is a self contained unit and can be used for both dry and wet type of vacuuming operations. The unit can handle hazardous and corrosive liquids and semisolid substances and can shift it from one place to another without spillage, ensuring minimal loss of material and no environmental hazards. Plant-Tech can build and supply the vacuum truck as per the customers need with a stainless steel/carbon steel material collection tank capacity ranging from 10m3 to 25m3, with a sufficient capacity cooling water tank (bubble tank), with liquid ring/roots blower vacuum pump of capacity ranging from 2000m3/hr to 3000m3/hr (air).

Other Salient Features:

  • The tank is capable of suction at two points. Suction nozzles are provided at the tank end lid (cover). The tank is also provided with a single discharge nozzle.
  • A positive pressure pump is used to discharge the materials out of the tank. The pump capacity is 200m3/hr. A supplementary pressure adjusted at 1.0bar is used for discharging inflammable liquids with a flash point below 23° C, with ball valve at the nitrogen connection.
  • The tank is also equipped with a vent ± 6mts high and can discharge hydrocarbon vapors (if present in the feed) into a safe height thus avoiding contact with personnel working in and around the truck.
  • A Hydraulic lifting cylinder is used to tilt the material collection tank for unloading material. The tank can be tilted to above 45° from the base. A limit switch prevents tilting of tank beyond 45°, thus ensuring safe lift.
  • The tank end lid (cover) can be completely opened and closed hydraulically. The tank end lid (cover) is leak guarded using high quality neoprene rubber gasket.

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