Industrial Crude / Product Tank Cleaning


Impurities such as sand, sediments and other foreign materials along with heavy fraction of crude/petroleum products which settle at the bottom of the crude oil / product storage tanks not only occupy precious storage space but also threaten the process system. Tank Cleaning is a mandatory activity for mechanical maintenance and inspection of the overall tank. Conventional tank cleaning methods which involves shifting of sludge manually is time consuming and poses environmental issues due to spillage while transport.


  • Draining out pumpable oil from storage tank.
  • Installation of equipments.
  • Introduction of cutter stock /solvent.
  • Start the jet mixer and Circulation of Cutter stock.
  • Vacuuming/Pumping or removal of sludge by using tank dozer (Excavator).
  • Sludge deposited to safe place and transferred for oil recovery.
  • Tank internal cleaning with entry using life support system. (Breathing Apparatus)


The equipments are designed and chosen after in-depth R&D of the process and are meant to be operated in hazardous regions. The equipments are capable of handling various types of sludge from waxy to sulfurous. They also avoid contact of sludge with humans and confirm minimum spillage.

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